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Would you like your name mentioned as a sponsor of Andrew’s weekly Podcasts? See below for some suggested ways you could do this.

Why not become one of our sponsors? 


50 Ways welcomes sponsors and 25% of the money received is donated to the charity Action Aid. The balance goes towards running the service.

Sponsors may choose from various ways to become involved:

  • Name mentioned at the end of an individual or series of an individual or series of Podcasts.

  • Major sponsors will be listed on our list of Sponsors page for 12 months.

  • Donate to Action Aid through the site and listing on the Sponsors page for 12 months. 

  • Gift mobile learning units for individuals or an institution

  • Mobile learning units based on Andrew’ 50 Ways episodes, are owned and sold independently by Anspear Ltd, Cambridge.


You can gift e-learning units an individual, or an entire educational institution by helping learners achieve their goals.

Major gift sponsors will be listed on our Sponsors page for 12 months.

By sponsoring a mobile learning program you become involved in developing and presenting online education.

You can subsidize program expenses or provide a selection of mobile programs while connecting with your target audience.

To review many other possibilities visit wbtsystems.

Contact Andrew at for more information

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