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We exist to offer help to those:
Starting employment, or 
those employed for a few years

and who want to succeed at work.


50 WAYS shares ideas, experiences, tools, techniques and advice, that may not always appear in conventional material given to newcomers at work. Or even talked about at work. 
Yet these may play a vital part in achieving success at work.



50 WAYS is the brainchild of Andrew Leigh, Co-Founder of a leading UK Training and Development Company:

Trained as an economist, Andrew initially worked as a business feature writer for The Observer Newspaper. He started his column You and Your Job and published a book of the same name, offering job advice.

As an Assistant Director of Social Services, he managed a research, development and planning division, and later a social work division with over a thousand staff. He has also been a non-Executive Director in the NHS.

Andrew co-founded Maynard Leigh Associates, serving companies seeking to develop their staff and help them perform at their best. 

Clients include, Ocado, Financial Times, DHL, London Stock Exchange, Cancer Research UK, CapGemini, and Aviva.

Andrew has published numerous books on Leadership, Teams, Communications, and Talent Management, many of which have been translated around the world.

Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development.


50 Ways to Succeed at 
Work is a not-for-Profit site.

20% of any funds from sponsorship go to the charity Action Aid. 
The rest will go to support the site.
Please click on the red logo to learn more about this wonderful organisation.

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