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A stimulating, challenging and personalised half-hour session with Andrew.

Explore any work concerns, including aspects of the latest various podcast topics. 

What to expect:

  • Insightful wisdom and honest feedback  
  • Practical advice that you can trust  
  • Stimulus and fresh thinking from someone on your side

What not to expect:

  • An instant fix  
  • Over simplistic solutions 
  • A lecture full of “shoulds”


Before purchasing this 30-minute, virtual consultation with Andrew please complete 

the Form Here to arrange your private consultation. 


You will receive a short questionnaire, information on cost, timing and choose a mutually 

acceptable time for your session.  

Foundation Members may book a session at a 50% reduced cost.

Please visit This Page for details.

30-minute, virtual consultation with Andrew of 50 Ways to Succeed at Work?

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