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Take your next steps towards success at work with these five interactive, mobile learning courses, from Anspear.

Each course has ten essential topics for success at work. Listen to them on any mobile or digital device. Each engaging, interactive mobile course lasts around two hours and is based on the 50 Ways podcasts.

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Available Courses


Price: £10

Thoughtful, effective communication is one of the key skills that employers look for. Learn how to support others, ask for help and communicate effectively in the workplace.


Price: £10

Meaningful relationships in the workplace help to boost productivity and morale. Build strong work relationships, become a team player, and advocate for yourself and others.


Price: £10

Practise your self-management, build your self-confidence and reflect on your own needs in the workplace. Learn about key skills such as adaptability, responding to feedback and conflict resolution.

Coming Soon Courses


Organisation & Motivation


Personal Branding

Enjoy learning with a generous helping of interactive case studies, quizzes, top tips, quality-checked videos, and other tools to develop your professional skills.

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Disclaimer: From July 2022 the e-learning specialist company Anspear Ltd will be selling their mobile units based on Andrew’s weekly podcasts. The learning content, sales, pricing, and customer service remain the ownership and responsibility of Anspear Ltd, not Foundation Members may purchase these units at a special discount only available through this site.
(please see also disclaimer in our Terms and Conditions)
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