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Image by Olga Tutunaru


Episodes 1-10

Who Are We


Everything for starting or succeeding at work fills countless Internet screens. Physical libraries bulge with similar advice. If you’re seeking success, the first challenge is not the amount of advice but the quality. The second is locating what you need quickly and easily.


Of the 800 million videos on YouTube, many are about work issues. Yet too many are from inexperienced people with poor presentation skills. 50 Ways to Succeed at Work steers you with minimal effort to the quality source material. 


No advice or skillset guarantees you’ll reach your desired success destination. 50 Ways to Succeed at Work offers essential insight, wisdom, and experience. Its vital themes can influence your journey to success.

No Issues affecting success at work remain reasonably constant.  The chart below summarises this book’s five central themes and each has ten episodes or chapters.
Dip in and out of them and take what seems helpful. Ignore what seems less relevant. Later they may re-surface as useful in your situation at the time.

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